Institution Technology Consulting

ITC from NEKTech, is to provide the education base platform to produce engineering scholars with the product Development Capabilities. We vision to develop an environment for young crowd to entrepreneur in the core area of engineering. Entrepreneurship is important to bring up the change for positive manner, by providing extreme creative softwares for the different fields of science, education and research. NEKTech provides lot of services in this domain to an institution. Some of them are:
- NEK Tech Speciality Classes (NSC)
- Technology Idea Incubation (TII)
- Workshop on Technology (WOT)

NEKTech Speciality Classes (NSC)

“NEK Tech Speciality Classes” service offers specialised designed lectures from NEK Tech Faculty. The faculties are highly experienced professional from industry. They provide lectures on the technology to ramp up students on that field.

The motive of “NEK Tech Speciality Classes” is to provide the education and knowledge by industry experience people.
• “NEK Tech Speciality Class” service will be helpful to connect academia with industrial requirements.
• Students get exposure to corporate and industrial environment.
• A proper assistance and direction by NEK Tech Faculty for innovative ideas of students.
• It would enhance student’s skills and increase their employability.
• It would also improve the competency of students.

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