Filesystem Replicator

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This Document is targeted to identify the initial requirements of Wrapfs-module development (Enhancements) for changes to surveillance Filesystem Operations. The Software is expected to be a part of learning exercise and understanding the Linux Kernel. There would be some further enhancements in the software will be planned to achieve the product for fault-tolerant and high-availability System.
The Functional Requirement Specification (Phase 1 for Filesystem Replication)
Identification of the operations happening in a file in remote server, where lot of users and random logins are happening

The filesystem Surveillance is one of the module development of the Filesystem replication Technologies. The Current project will be focussed in catching files operations happening in a Filesystem. Reporting about what operations are happening in a filesystem.


Technologies: C, Linux

RAM : 512MB
Hard disk driver: 2 GB
Operating System: Custom wrapfs enabled Linux 3.13
• Monitor
• Mouse
• Keyboard

This project is a part of advance technology “File System Replication”. The feature of this project is to keep track of the following information whenever an operation is perform on some mounted directory
• Type of operation performed
• Server through which operation is performed
▪ Remote Server
▪ Local Server
• Service through which operation is performed
▪ ssh Service
▪ http Service
• File on which the operation is performed (Absolute path)
• Time of access.

The functional requirements on which this project is focused are directory operations and file operations. Following are the directory and file operations to be fetched:

• Inode Operation
▪ create
▪ mkdir
▪ rmdir
▪ mknod
▪ rename
▪ delete

• File Operations
▪ read

Snapshot of the Product: