NEKTech-Linux for Engineering

Every Engineering field requires set of software tools to pursue the engineering purposes. NEKTech-Linux comprises all the tools required from engineering education.NEKTech-Linux for Engineering is developed in three different variant. Following all the Operating System Versions:
- Mechanical & Civil Engineering
- Electronics and Electrical Engineering
- Computer Science Engineering

Now a days, engineering research is fast paced due to all the simulations and practicalities are being tested through modelling and simulation. Engineering research is also dependent on the Computer Software. Engineering Research paper has to submit their simulation model of their innovation. NEKTech-Linux empowers our students and faculties with the edge of Custom Operating system for Engineering streams. This Operating system is free for students and faculty.

Mechanical & Civil Engineering

"NEKTech-Linux for Mechanical & Civil" comprises of set of software tools for 2D Modelling, 3D Designing, Solid Modelling and Fluid Dynamics. It gives complete set of analysis tools for all the 2D and 3D models with Mathematical tools to create a simulation scenarios.
Softwares included:
- 2D Modelling and Solid Modelling tools
- Fluid Mechanics and Mathematical Analysis tools
- Graphical Analysis tools for Simulations
- Simulators for 3D objects and fluid dynamics

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Electronics & Electrical Engineering

"NEKTech-Linux for Electronics & Electrical" comprises of set of software tools for EDA Designing, PCB Designing, simulation and analysis. It gives capabilities to simulate real-time circuit designs, perform and analysis.
Software included:
- Ki-CAD and EDA Designing Tools
- PCB Designers
- Circuit Output Analyzers
- Sci-lab for mathematical and statistical analysis
- Simulator for the Circuits

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Computer Science Engineering

"NEKTech-Linux for Computer Science" comprises of all the software development tools along with other compilers, debuggers, code browsing tools and Version Control Software. It gives capability to setup internal research lab in institution. It is capable of maintaining and keeping track of history of all Software Development and academic projects.
Software included:
- Compilers, Java, Mono Develop, Debuggers and cscope Code Browsers
- NEKTech Custom Kernel with filesystem changes on EXT3 Filesystem
- Network monitoring tools for Network Protocol Development
- Local repository for Open-Source Products codes from NEKTech Research Labs

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