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"Get the basics right", is the first response of the professor, when a student is doing a fundamental mistake, on the way of any problem solving approach. When our top authoritative educationalists are making a huge mistake of manipulating with the fundamentals. How to oppose them, who had put the building blocks of our own education system? They know it all but somehow; I am trying raising a voice to reach them that it will have really a great loss to country in long run. Getting an immediate advantage is a corporate way, not an educationalist approach.

Open Source replacement for Proprietary Softwares

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Open Source Tools:

Open Source: Backup
1. Amanda Replaces Symantec Data Recovery Software, NovaBackup, Barracuda Backup Service
Suitable for both small and large organizations, Amanda allows IT administrators to backup up multiple multi-platform systems to tape, disk, or other media. Development of the software is now sponsored byZmanda, which provides cloud-based backup services that rely on the same software. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

From the Director's Desk

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India being the 3rd largest GDP contributor to the world’s economy has emerged as economical and business hub for all the Multi-National companies. It is important for us now, to build our own solutions for business and motivate the core technology entrepreneurship in the Engineering side.

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