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Get Closer View of C Program

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step 1: write program eg:


int main(void)
return 0;

step 2: compile it like this gcc −Wall −o hello hello.c

step 3: ready to see magic on your terminal and fire command strace ./hello

step 4: you will all the system call used by this program line by line. Enjoy Programming :)

Starting From Booting

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1. Turn on system.

2. Sends electronic signal to attached device and record their response in a file.

3. Select bootable partition.

4. Now grub loaded and other process is going

i. initramfs :- it is sudo file system require to kernel load.it is minimal filesystem which is stored in ROM.

ii. vmlinuz :- it is actual kernel.

iii. System.map :- it contain system call and kernel exported symbols.

Git Hub Beginner

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Git Hub

#Prerequisite: install git into you linux desktro.

sudo apt-get install git-core

1.First you need to a git hub account. go to https://github.com/

2. after creation of login id then logged in your account.

3. Now search you project in which you want to contribute.
e.g. I want to contribute in nektech project.

4.Lets suppose i have selected NEKTech-Labs/NEKTech-Linux-Shell

5. Now click fork button on the right-top.

6. copy the link of your browser.

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