Git Hub Beginner

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Git Hub

#Prerequisite: install git into you linux desktro.

sudo apt-get install git-core

1.First you need to a git hub account. go to

2. after creation of login id then logged in your account.

3. Now search you project in which you want to contribute.
e.g. I want to contribute in nektech project.

4.Lets suppose i have selected NEKTech-Labs/NEKTech-Linux-Shell

5. Now click fork button on the right-top.

6. copy the link of your browser.

Tech Trendsetter

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The importance of a trendsetter in any aspect of human life holds a very vital meaning. It not only allows the cultivation of the culture among those influenced by it, but also in some cases the whole lot of generation as well. There are several examples in the field of Science & Technology, Fashion, Art, Elections (particularly the one happened in India in 2014), Politics, etc.

From the Director's Desk

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India being the 3rd largest GDP contributor to the world’s economy has emerged as economical and business hub for all the Multi-National companies. It is important for us now, to build our own solutions for business and motivate the core technology entrepreneurship in the Engineering side.


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