About Us

Company information
NEKTech is an establishment of highly experienced software engineers, who have been working with world’s top-notch software Development Companies and are committed to contribute in the product development and research in software technologies. We are experienced in the field of core Computer Science Product Development, Kernel Programming and Operating System Development.
NEKTech is an initiative to set the bar of knowledge and expertise in the core areas of Software and computer Science engineering. We are a team of highly experienced industrial professionals. “NEKTech Research Labs” has launched India’s first Educational Operating System for engineering education. Every Engineering field is attached to different science fundaments and areas. Their computational needs are very specific and there is no single stop solution for fulfilling the need. Moving to self-dependent technology does make a lot of sense to excel in core research.
NEKTech-Linux is world's first distribution, which manages all the engineering Capable Operating system. It is kept free for students and faculties to unleash the research and product development edge of India.

Leadership and edification of core values are the strength of the company, which enables it following the vision and keep working on the community problem statements. We had addressed some of the core issues with the engineering education system in India and developed multiple products for education, which is empowering the education.

To Produce Intellectuals through Skill Development, nurture talent and bridging the gap; making India a Technology Research and Development Hub by motivating Entrepreneurship.

   • Encourage carrer in Core Engineering
   • Skill Development
   • Personality Development
   • Encouragement for Product Development Entrepreneurship
   • Trend-setting for Research and Product Development
   • Encouragement to technology Creativity and Engineering Research